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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 16: CNNMoney, Netflix update, Eventbrite, Good Robot Bad Robot

by Ian Black

The SpongeBob SquarePants character Mr. Krabs says it best – “I like money!” In this economy, we all do. Find out where yours might be going next with the fresh CNNMoney for Android Phones.

If you own a tablet and subscribe to Netflix don’t hesitate to download the updated Netflix app. For event planning, try Eventbrite Easy Entry and for fun, check out Good Robot Bad Robot.

CNNMoney for Android Phones (Free)

Show me the money! The high-traffic website CNNMoney delivers its first Android app. Get the latest finance, business, and high-tech news while on the go and then dive deep into the stock market.

Set your own personalized watch-lists of stocks with detailed views showing the week’s graph of prices, 52-week highs and lows, and the current volume of trades. When you tire of stock fluctuations, browse the market indices, commodities, and bond rates.

Netflix update (Free)

Tablet owners rejoice! This Netflix update delivers a new tablet-based UI, including support for the brand-new Kindle Fire and NOOK tablets. Previous versions didn’t make good use of the tablet real estate but this version lays it all out to deliver fast access to your queue and better browsing.

This version is available in the US, Canada, and Latin America and also supports alternate audio and subtitles.

Eventbrite Easy Entry (Free)

The Eventbrite service offers fast and easy event organization online and is in popular use for high-tech gatherings, universities, and business. This Easy Entry app completes the loop and lets you manage an event’s attendance on-site.

The app lets you look up and check-in attendees via a list or by scanning barcodes from cell phones. Run the app across several devices and you can check-in people at multiple entrances simultaneously. Even better, browse attendance or sales stats in real-time right from the app.

Good Robot Bad Robot (Free)

Finally, a kid-friendly game that doesn’t involve the alphabet or numbers.

Dr. Robotov hosts a house full of his robot creations. One night, an evil rival unleashes a virus that infects all the robots in the house – except our hero, Benny, who wasn’t plugged in. Guide Benny around the house to zap the bad robots back to their old friendly selves. Run over lightning bolts to recharge the zapper and avoid the touch of the bad robots or risk getting infected.

This public beta delivers 15 levels and four different robots.