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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 15: Thrillist Rewards, Space Conquest, Beyond Ynth HD

by Ian Black

Analysts say Android device owners buy far fewer apps than iPhone owners but at least one game in today’s fresh list should make you open the ol’ wallet. Beyond Ynth HD is a physics puzzler that arrives to rave reviews after a year in the making. Read more about it below.

If the needle on your thrill-o-meter hasn’t moved in a while, check out Thrillist Rewards and for a chance to protect our galaxy, download Space Conquest.

Thrillist Rewards (Free)

Look “thrillist” up in the dictionary and you’ll find nothing. “Thrillist” isn’t a word!  But, we can imagine it means – one who like thrills. Don’t expect the every day, run of the mill, “mani-pedi” discounts you’ll find in other coupon services. Thrillist Rewards delivers the latest cocktail, the “sushi burger”, exclusive club access, and tickets to the sold-out concert.

While the service currently focuses on the cities of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, a Nation edition lists rewards that can be redeemed over the web from anywhere, 'cause everybody wants a thrill.

Space Conquest ($0.99)

SOS! Save Our Solar system! Alien invaders aim to destroy all life, so you must design and assemble a defensive space station. Create a modularized fleet from over 15 different space warships, and then attach them in the most strategic way to fight off the enemy.

Use the onscreen controls to maneuver your station and direct the weapons. Physics-based combat means ships can be partially destroyed and explosions can take out objects around them. Zoom in for details of this beautifully rendered space battle.

Beyond Ynth HD ($3.99)

It’s a bug’s life! Little Kribi must bring light back to Kriblonia but to do that, he’ll need to navigate a huge set of challenging obstacles and light-giving Dazzly Diamonds from the Four Dark Spiders of the Apocalypse.

Help the bug face down, burning hot deserts, slippery ice ramps, foggy forests, even erupting volcanoes. Jump, slide, and tilt your way past tricky obstacles toward the surprising solutions.

In this age of copycat mobile games, the initial rave reviews of this much anticipated physics puzzle say it’s consistently original.