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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 14: Cocktail Flow Tablet, ZeroPC, Defender, Space Station: Frontier

by Ian Black

The coming holidays mean time with family and friends, parties, and for many, cocktails. Learn how to master your mixology with Cocktail Flow.

For browsing across online storage services, try ZeroPC Cloud Navigator, and when its time for play download Defender and Space Station: Frontier.

Cocktail Flow Tablet ($2.99)

Need a drink? Who doesn’t? It’s been a rough Fall. Fortunately, whether you have a phone or a tablet, there’s a version of this cocktail app for your device.

The instructions don’t expect you to have the knowledge of a bartender. Instead of starting with fancy pants names of cocktails, the app lets you pick the base alcohol you have on hand, and lets you build something from there. Missing ingredients? Choose an alternative drink made from the stuff in your pantry or liquor cabinet.

This app already ranks high in the Windows Marketplace and the first Android reviews say it’s tasty.

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD (Free)

The creators of this app understand the current state of affairs in cloud storage. They know many storage services offer a certain amount of storage for free and only charge for additional storage and enhanced features. These means an individual may use the free storage from more than one service, in order to maximize the free stuff. Those people could use an easy way to access all of these storage services. Enter ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD.

Browse and search across many key services including Dropbox,, Evernote, Google Docs, Facebook, and others. You can even search your friend’s account if they give you permission. Explore new services you don’t currently use right from this app.

The creators promise upcoming features like local cache, file uploading, and quick sharing.

Defender (Free)

Medieval monsters really want entry into your castle. They sacrifice themselves in wave after wave and will keep coming. You’ll need a lot of arrows.

Aim the arrows of your tireless archer by tapping your device screen. Fortunately, you can also shoot in automatic mode like an assault rifle by dragging your finger. Still, this may not be enough to stop the enemy, so you’ll need to fling magic spells – like lightning and fire from the sky – to defend the castle.

Leveling-up brings tougher opponents and weapons for your soldiers more deadly than arrows, including flamethrowers and cannons.

Space Station: Frontier ($1.99)

Tower Defense – in space! From the makers of the popular Sentinel game series comes a deep space defense challenge. Add nodes to your space station in order to prepare for alien attack, just like you would in medieval-themed tower defense games. Pick new weapons from the space tech store if you can afford them.

Balance your arms race against the need to gather more resources to power your station. Build additions to your station right during an attack. And, check the leaderboards or find out who else plays via the app. Out of this world graphics!