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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 11: Any.DO, Call Master Open Beta, INC

by Ian Black

It feels like time management helpers have started moving from the web and PC to the phone. Today’s Any.DO is a fresh example of a to-do list utility specifically designed for small devices that always go where you go.

For full-feature call blocking, try Call Master Open Beta and for fun, check out INC.

Any.DO (Free)

There are several to-do list apps out there, but this one promises simple elegance and the chance to collaborate with friends to get things done.

The app tries to minimize typing since entering text on a handheld device can be challenging. Use voice recognition to speak your tasks to your Android device, swipe tasks to mark them as done, then shake your phone to remove all completed tasks from your list.

Through your contacts, coordinate with friends and family on grocery lists, work projects, or anything else. The app synchronizes with your Google email, if desired, to keep tasks visible in your inbox.

Call Master Open Beta (Free)

Feeling a little too popular? This open beta aims to solve the problem of unwanted calls or texts.

Right up front, you need to know this app works only for rooted Android devices, so mainstream users should look for other call-blocker apps. If you’re an advanced user, this app lets you reject calls with seven different modes like "Ignore", which forces the caller to hear endless rings or "Answer, Hang Up" which answers calls briefly then hangs up, all while you get on with your day.

Read the early positive reviews if you’re on the fence.

INC ($2.75)

From the creators of Meganoid and Stardash, comes a comic book styled side scroller with the feel of an '80s arcade game. Robots and machines have taken over and it’s the last days of humans. You must save Dr. Robotus by running, shooting and jumping your way through a series of obstacles.

The upbeat retro soundtrack, the challenging courses, and the beautiful graphics will keep you focused through four worlds and over 40 levels. The game runs on lower-end Androids but remains optimized for higher end devices like the Xperia PLAY.