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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 9: REI Find Out NYC, PayPal update, Princess Punt, Burn the Rope Worlds

by Ian Black

It’s a fun fresh list for Android today. Explore New York in a whole new augmented way thanks to REI Find Out NYC, then share your cash with friends using the updated PayPal app. When it’s time for play, get footloose with Princess Punt or go galactic with Burn the Rope Worlds.

REI Find Out NYC (Free)

The outdoor gear store REI celebrates the opening of their first store in NYC with this scavenger hunt app.

The app relies on your Android’s camera to provide an augmented view of special REI posters that are posted around the city. When viewed through the app, the posters unlock what REI calls “a fully immersive outdoor scene” and gives you a shot at winning prizes that include a Burton snowboard, a Novarra Buzz One bike, and a grand prize trip to Costa Rica.

PayPal update (Free)

This update to PayPal’s existing Android app delivers an updated look and feel and some cool new features.

You’ll find improved support for tablets that makes use of the larger screen space, a new flow to the Send Money feature which makes it easier, and enhanced support for Asia, Europe, and Latin America (including Brazil).

Perhaps the nerdiest new feature – support for NFC (Near Field Communictions). This allows you to bump two devices using the app to transfer money (called Request Money in the app).

Princess Punt (Free)

Kick out the jams with this app that claims to pioneer a new game genre called "Action Puzzle RPG."

The princess’ castle suffers wave after wave of attack from monsters. Fortunately, the princess has a tremendous ability to kick things long distances and you have the time and energy to raise an army of puntable soldiers.

Strategize the direction and position of the kicks to maximize damage to the monster hordes. You’ll need to eliminate all of them to level up. This game comes in phone and tablet versions.

Burn the Rope Worlds (Free)

Remember Burn the Rope? In that game, you had to set fire to a rope in strategic places and then tilt your phone (because flames only burn upwards) to burn as much of the rope as you can without harming the bugs crawling on it.

This app delivers a new game that works on the same basic premise. Here, you’ll find four new worlds of rope designs – mechanical, fantasy, jungle, and outer space – and 100 new levels with four different kinds of fire.