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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 8: ViBe, Intel Pair & Share, ChainsawBunny

by Ian Black

Sure we’ve all figured out how to share photos with others over the web, but what about sharing with people nearby? Try Intel Pair & Share for a digital slideshow in your own house.

For a new take on caller ID, check out ViBe, and for the most dangerous bunny since Monty Python and The Holy Grail, download ChainsawBunny.

ViBe (Free)

You’ve heard of pocket dialing, right? How about pocket caller ID? ViBe gets credit for originality, as I’ve never heard of this concept before. This app aims to let you know who is calling your phone by shake, rattle, and roll.

Setup is easy, choose a contact and assign a unique vibration pattern to it. The developers say assigning vibrations to text messages is “coming soon”. Imagine using this while in a meeting, a movie, or elsewhere.

Intel Pair & Share (Free)

Photos are meant to be shared. Intel delivers an easy way to share your Android photos over a PC.

Download this app to your Android phone or tablet and also onto your Windows 7 PC. Friends and other visiters can also share to the same PC, as long as they also download the app.

All photo transfers are encrypted and viewing access comes protected with a pin code. Liven up your next party with an impromptu photo wall on your PC.

ChainsawBunny (Free)

The zombie craze appears to be growing – into the forest. Here the infestation of the undead has consumed the little woodland creatures including cuddly bears, innocent squirels and others. All except a little bunny, who, as the app title suggests, owns a chainsaw.

Hack and slash to help the rabbit escape the forest without getting his brains eaten. Collect the cash in the wilderness in order to buy advanced weapons and armor. So far the reviews sound very positive including, “me in a good mood – four stars.”