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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 7: Skyvi, Ancestry Beta 1, Atari’s Greatest Hits, Hockey Nations 2011 THD

by Ian Black

Although the technology was available on mobile for years now, with the launch on Siri on iPhone 4S, the average person thinks Apple invented voice command for smartphones. See how you can bring your own witty helper to your Android with Skyvi.

Feel like finding your roots? Join Ancestry Beta 1 from For a real blast – as in exploding asteroids – from the past, try Atari’s Greatest Hits. And, just for fun, play Hockey Nation 2011 THD.

Skyvi (Free)

Feeling envious of iPhone owners or perhaps just straight up jealous about Siri? Wish you had your own sassy but humble personal assistant? Try Skyvi on your Android for free.

Skyvi, backed by the power of the Internet, knows a little something about everything and can even tell a joke or two and make witty commentary about the things you ask. Sound familiar? This blatant attempt to exploit the Siri press is, nonetheless, getting some positive reviews in the Android Market. Find out for yourself whether Skyvi is Siri’s twin or inferior replicant.

Skyvi also lets you access Facebook and Twitter by voice.

Ancestry Beta 1 (Free)

The holidays are rapidly approaching, meaning, for better or worse, it’s time to focus on family. delivers a worldwide and popular genealogy service that you can access over the web. This new first beta app lets you participate in the development of their Android mobile offering.

The app requires that users already subscribe to the service over the web. At this point, the beta is a read-only view of the family tree you and your family have created. Still, you can navigate in tree view or through the detailed info pages on individuals and their relatives. So far, the app looks like it has real possibilities.

The developers say the ability to add and edit individuals to a tree and the power to search trees will arrive before the official release. For submitting your feedback to the developers use

Atari’s Greatest Hits (Free)

Too legit to quit! No need to adopt software pirate tactics to obtain your old school favorite video games for your Android. Atari has officially released a new “greatest hits” app that provides access to 100 of your all-time faves.

Download the app and get Missile Command for free. From there, each individual games costs 99 cents or you can purchase all 100 for $9.99.

Relive the simple but addicting gameplay that launched a million quarters at arcades and birthed the very first couch potatoes in the 1980s.

Hockey Nations 2011 THD ($4.99)

I know hockey enthusiasts in New England who played as kids and continue to coach and play in adult leagues all their lives. Skating, shooting, and scoring gets into the blood.

Now, you can play realistic hockey even when nowhere near ice. Grab your Tegra 2-powered Android device and check, deke, and power play your way to a hat trick. Look for reflective ice, detailed player action, and a responsive crowd.

Pick your team from 18 international favorites, choose your opponent, then face off!