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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 4: Google Offers, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, Zombie’s Fury 2

by Ian Black

Not every app is about deals or zombies. Today’s fresh list includes a specialized tool for outdoor photographers called The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

Oh, and we, uh, also have one deal app, Google Offers, and one zombie app, Zombie’s Fury 2. I’m expanding the title of this column to Fresh But Not Always Original Android Apps. What do you think?

Google Offers (Free)

What did we do before we had deals? Your phone has become the gateway to bargains in your close proximity and the latest door to appear on your Android is this app from Google.

It’s pretty simple stuff. The bargains arrive based on location or can be searched. You’ll find the price, the details, and the fine print (like an expiration date) when you drill down. Separate categories track offers you’ve purchased, saved for later review, or used and expired. Purchase deals right through the app and redeem them just by showing your phone to the retail staff.

If you have any disposable income left, it’s time to shop.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris ($4.99)

Ephemeris? Gazuntite! This is the app world-famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams (and if you don’t know his work, Google his images immediately) would have used if he lived long enough to own a smartphone.

You pick a place on Earth and a time of day or night and it shows you the light lines from the sun and the moon. It’s not a toy and includes serious calculations like elevation detection and correction for atmospheric refraction.

You can even determine if the sun or moon will be visible over nearby hills and mountains.

Zombie’s Fury 2 (Free)

I’m guessing the creators of this game are actually frustrated novelists. The back-story setting up the zombie apocalypse as written up in the Market’s description is long enough to be a small e-book.

But, of course, things end up with brain hungry zombies just like they always do. Here, we have one man and one woman (you choose which character you control) armed only with razor sharp katanas. You hack, I’ll slash, let’s go hunting!

It’s free, thank goodness, because if you pay for one more zombie game, I’m gonna ask you to hand over your wallet to me for safe keeping!