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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 3: ColorBook, Sound Massage, Greed Corp HD, Age of Defenders

by Ian Black

Android tablet gaming is heating up. Check out the two fresh tablet games Greed Corp HD and Age of Defenders below.

Try ColorBook for homemade art fun and Sound Massage for lightening your mood.

ColorBook (Free)

You don’t need to buy a coloring book for your kids – make one from your very own photos. Take a new picture or select one from your Android device gallery. The app sucks out all the color but leaves the outlines. Then, you can color it back yourself with the art tools provided or let the app auto-color your picture.

Upload all your coloring book art to Facebook when you’re done.

Sound Massage – No more gloomy (Free)

There’s no denying it. Winter is on its way. For example, it snowed here in Boston last weekend.

You’re heard of light therapy where people shine bright light near their eyes to fight off depression. How about sound therapy? This app aims to push away the gloom via the sounds of nature: rain, waterfalls, and the like.

Yes, the app is certified 100 percent New Age, but its free so give it a shot.

Greed Corp HD (Free)

This turn-based strategy game comes straight from game consoles and PCs to your Android tablet.

You must decide whether to preserve your natural resources or harvest them to create war machines (does this sound familiar?). You can play as one of four factions – the industrious Cartel, the militaristic Empire, the Freemen preservationists, and the Pirate traders – and plot to conquer your enemies.

Play multiplayer against people locally or online and then battle your way up the leaderboards.

Age of Defenders ($2.99)

The past few months have brought a wave of innovation in the tower defense game genre, many of which were charted here in Android freshies, and this app brings one more. Tower defense games traditionally pits you against your Android device – but in this game you face off against other real humans.

Here, you need to defend your base by the strategic placing of towers. You have laser, rocket, and air defensives to choose from. Then, you must plot your own army’s attack on your opponent.

This game is for Android tablets.