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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 1: Google+ update, Crazy Pill HD, Alien Rescue Episode 1

by Ian Black

Halloween night may have come and gone but our fascination with aliens goes on year around. Check out deepest cover up ever locked away in Area 51 with Alien Rescue Episode 1.

Download the latest in on-going updates to Google+ or take your medicine with Crazy Pill HD.

Google+ update (Free)

Don’t call it a comeback! Google won’t stop believin’ in their social networking service Google+. They continue to update it often, the most recent being yesterday on Halloween.

This update brings a new visual design. The “What’s New” notes call it a completely new app, so it’s not clear whether the app itself is a re-write or not. In any case, the graphic styling now looks like Google newest Android release Ice Cream Sandwich. The app also sports improvements to battery life, performance, navigation, and notifications and now allows signing out, support for Google App users, and includes several bug fixes.

Crazy Pill HD (Free)

Think endless bubble wrap. Pop colorful balloons with your fingers. Due to the multi-touch, you can poke many balloons at the same time using your whole hand. The trick is to clear all the balloons of one color before they drift off screen. If you succeed, magic pills appear that you must tap to consume. Look out! Poison pills will not only kill you but also end your turn.

Enjoy five worlds and 120 levels of balloon and pill-popping madness.

Alien Rescue Episode 1 (Free)

Remember Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? This is how things might have really gone down.

Aliens have crash-landed but you’re in charge of the alien emergency search and rescue spacecraft. Use your tractor beam to pick up stranded aliens or crates and other objects that you can hurl at hostile humans.

Avoid attack by humans on the ground and helicopters and fighter planes in the air. The more aliens you rescue and the less damage you suffer, the move points you score.