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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 28: Cool Tool, Fireworks, The Adventures of Tintin HD

by Ian Black

Games with movie tie-ins often arrive just at the film’s release or even a few weeks after. With the The Adventures of Tintin HD, fans are in luck as the movie isn’t scheduled to bow until December, but the game has already landed in the Android Market.

To add a new tachometer to your Android, try Cool Tool and for an explosive new twist on bubble bursting games, download Fireworks – the Best Free Game.

Cool Tool (Free)

For maintenance, do you drop the car off with a mechanic or go poking around yourself under the hood? The answer to that question will help determine whether or not you’d like Cool Tool.

This app displays information about what’s “under the hood” of your Android device. It shows the CPU load, free RAM memory, CPU frequency, 2G/3G finger, battery status, and more. The settings let you customize whether the information floats on top of your screen while you navigate around and how big the text looks.

Use it to determine which apps or actions bog-down your device.

Fireworks – the Best Free Game (Free)

Light my fire! This app turns pyrotechnics into one firecracker of a game.

It works like bubble-bursting titles where popping one causes a chain-reaction that starts to clear the screen. Here, you detonate fireworks and watch the explosions smash traditional Chinese vases. Strategically light the fuses to clear the board in the fewest number of bangs to get the highest scores.

You’ll like the beautiful animation and the hours of mind-blowing fun.

The Adventures of Tintin HD ($6.99)

Live the excitement of the new Steven Spielberg holiday blockbuster before it debuts. The Adventures of Tintin began as comic books by Belgian artist George Rémi (better known as Hergé) and have sold over 350 million copies worldwide.

In this game, guide Tintin, his dog Snowy, and Captian Haddock through the mystery of the Secret of the Unicorn! Danger lurks throughout the ship, castle, and desert set pieces that mirror locations in the film.

Touch and tilt your device to explore the stunning graphics of the 3D worlds. You’ll ride a camel, fight with swords, pilot a plane, and use your detective skills before this adventure is done.