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Android App Video Review: Marvel Comics

by Andrew Koziara

Hello True Believers! Despite the cries of traditional comic book collectors and readers, digital comics are becoming more and more prominent and accessible. This is especially thanks to smartphones and tablets, and things like the official Marvel Comics app.

For a while now, Marvel has offered digital comics at about two-thirds the price of regular comics, and the idea is getting more and more popular. Who wouldn't want to whip out their phone and read stories about Spider-Man anywhere they go?

This app allows you to browse a digital comic shop, taking a look at featured or recently-added comics, and even giving you a few freebies to test out. There are plenty of search criteria to help you find what you want, from searching by specific series or creator, and even by specific story arcs. The library is nowhere near complete, but it's always updating. Only recently have comics began releasing digitally same day as in the shops, and hopefully one day they all will. Once you've found an issue that you want, you can rate it, share it with various social media, or even look at nearby stores that have that issue in stock. Of course, you can buy, download, and read that comic right from your device, with most costing two dollars.

The reading experience is unlike anything else. These "smart" comics let you zoom in and read panel by panel, occasionally zooming in on smaller text and playing out more cinematically. You'll probably have to re-orient your phone from horizontal to vertical whenever the panel calls for it, though reading on a tablet device nullifies this problem. I love reading comics in this fashion. I have accumulated boxes and boxes of comics that I don't know what to do with, and this way is just so much easier. Though you don't get to own a physical copy, so It all depends on your preferences. If you try a comic and like it, it's super easy to find the entire collection of that story arc or event, which is a great way for new readers not to feel alienated. This whole service is still a relatively new phenomenon, and it's always growing and changing. Hopefully in the future, physical copies of comics will come with download codes for a digital counterpart. This app can be yours for the low price of nothing, so I definitely recommend you download some free comics and try it out. Uhhh…  Excelsior, I guess?

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