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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 25: Wizz Bar, Weddar, Megastunt Mayhem

by Ian Black

Once again a fresh app demonstrates a fundamental difference between iOS and Andriod – if you don’t like the home screen of an Android, you can change it. Wizz Bar lets you create a taskbar for easy app organization.

When you need weather reports from humans try Weddar and you want to travel above the crowd check out MEGASTUNT Mayhem.

Wizz Bar (Free)

Great software solves problems. Here’s a problem that I barely noticed: the more Android apps you download, the more they litter up your device screens.

Wizz Bar works like the dock on a Mac. You assign an app to the Wizz Bar and its app is removed from your main screen and stowed neatly away. You’ll be amazed at the new clean uncluttered look of your device and you’ll still be able launch everything you need with one tap from the Bar.

Weddar (Free)

Weather reports don’t have much personality, usually just the forecast of temperature and precipitation. Enter Weddar.

Get your weather updates from real people, not sterile satellites, with this fresh app. Total strangers using Weddar post their take on the day – like “feels good but windy” – based on location. One key difference between this app and regular weather apps is that you can get different reports within one city – Central Park versus SoHo, for example.

If you feel like contributing, post about the weather wherever you are by touching one of nine weather icons and entering your thoughts.

MEGASTUNT Mayhem (Free)

Sometimes you need to share your feelings, and sometimes you need to chug a Mountain Dew, take a pinch of chewing tobacco, and jump behind the wheel of a monster truck. Guess what time it is?

Choose your elevated ride, then roll out to the ramps in the center ring of a sold-out arena. Jump, spin and flip your way toward a high score where the riskier the stunt, the more points you get. When you’re feeling really crazy, drive straight up a wall or right through the stadium’s scoreboard.