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Airbind is a free app that allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Android device over wi-fi. Download and install the PC or Mac client from, then launch Airbind on your Android device. Airbind will discover your iTunes library, and with one click it will start to sync.
Storing all of your DRM free media on your SD card, Airbind allows you to take your media with you. It ...

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you want to sync your iTunes music collection to your Android.

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Category: Media & Video
Updated: March 02, 2012
Publisher: Airbind Ltd
Version 0.78

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Appolicious Advisor Review Thumb Airbind iTunes sync for Android would be great if it really worked

Airbind is a free Android app that enables users to wirelessly sync their iTunes media library to any Android device over Wi-Fi. Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been other apps in the Android Market that perform a similar task, but we thought we’d give Airbind a shot and see how it compares. There are many music lovers (myself included) who still use a Mac and iTunes but also have an Android smartphone. It’s never...

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