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Developer's Notes

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VisR is a Smart Photo Gallery that automagically organizes ALL your photos into memorable events for effortless searching,reflecting and sharing.

VisR makes it enjoyable to relive the memorable times you had with family and friends. The app provides an immersive experience for reminiscing the fun you had at an event, the people who were there and the place where it all happened.

Click pictures with VisR and bam! the app instantly organizes your photos into real life events. VisR’s sleek face detection and tagging feature makes person tagging easy and fun. When you share an event, friends get to enjoy the experience of the event on – VisR’s versatile sidekick on the web.

Go ahead, travel down the memory lane with VisR and relive the fun events.

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Checkout the cool features of VisR’s smart photo gallery:

- Auto-organization of ALL photos
- Smart presentation of pictures to bring back memories of the event
- Face detection for tagging people in photos easily
- Automatic tagging of place address
- Detection of nearby venues
- Integration with Foursquare for easy tagging of favorite venues
- Quick search by events, people, and places.
- Map based filter for intuitively searching photos by places
- Share entire collection of event pictures via Facebook, Twitter and email with a SINGLE click
- Immersive experience of shared events on –VisR’s cloud extension
- Your friends can now enjoy an immersive experience of the event when you share pictures
- Check out your collection of shared event pictures on myVisR – your VisR’s cloud extension

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