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Paradise Island


Download this app if: you want to build and run a luxury tourist resort.


Advisor Review

Start your own vacation hot spot with Android game Paradise Island — Ah! There's nothing like the smell of ocean salt, sun block and success. Paradise Island for Android is a build-your-own-business-empire simulator, similar to games like Game Dev Story and Roller Coaster Tycoon, only it takes place on a deserted tropical island. If you're generally a fan of this...

Developer Notes

✔ x3 multiplier for in-app purchases in the game bank
✔ Chests with useful in-game items for a special price
✔ Bonus chest for any purchase in the game bank
✔ 30% discounts of great buildings

The chilly autumn winds make you long for warm summer days and prepare for the unexpected. It’s a...


Real Paradise for Long Term Gamers — I was looking for an App that essential has a story line and lasts longer with a goal infront. Came across several Apps, but this Application has got everything except for the story line. Started this game with little anxiety and got addicted to this pretty soon. You needn't be online to play...