Developer's Notes for: Meet The Press

Developer's Notes

For over 60 years, Meet the Press has featured headline-making interviews with world-leaders and U.S. newsmakers. "Meet the Press" is America's No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs broadcast, and is the longest-running television program in the world. Every Sunday morning, millions of Americans tune in to get answers from U.S. and world leaders, and hear analysis, discussion and review of the week’s political events from noted journalists and experts.

President John F. Kennedy once called Meet the Press the “fifty-first state.” Since then, every man who has occupied the Oval Office has appeared on the program. Take these and other interviews on the go with the official Meet the Press application.

Download the free app now and stay connected with the most current political happenings in Washington, D.C. and around the world. Watch interviews addressing the top headlines and gain insight on pressing issues with videos of Meet the Press’ famed Roundtables. With Facebook and Twitter integrated into the app, you can easily share stories with your friends.

Other features include:

Notifications - Receive push notifications as guests for the coming Sunday are announced

Connect with David Gregory – Email the host questions and follow his Twitter feed

Trivia - View trivia clips and participate in Executive Producer Betsy Fischer's weekly Twitter trivia contest

Take Two – The Meet the Press post-show web-extra with expanded roundtables and answers to viewer questions

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