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Advisor Review

Find out what's happening in your area with Android app Eventseekr — If your little brother's coming to town and you're trying to plan something fun to do, Eventseekr might be a helpful resource. If you're looking for a cheap, below-the-radar activity at the last minute, though, you might not be so lucky.
 You're not going to find out about drop-in kickball at...

Developer Notes

Create your own personalized event service!

eventseekr is a social and personalized event service that allows you to track your favorite bands, sports teams, and festivals. Your artists are tracked automatically via music on your device and Facebook Likes. Tracking artists provides you with a...


Find stuff to do — Definitely helpful for big cities, if you're looking for cool events and things to do. It's mainly for major things, not small, indie stuff, but it still could be good for many people.