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IMHO Best Camera App for Android

  • Posted by eatsshootsedits June 30, 2011
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I have tried every camera app there is, currently I have 12 on my phone. But I keep coming back to Vignette. Why you ask? Simple, it is full featured, has great filters, takes amazing photos, and allows you to add multiple filters to the same original photo. This non lossy feature is it's big stand out. As are frequent updates, and the easy UI. There is a free version that allows you to try before you buy, only real limit on the demo is saved image MP size.

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Neat app but could use a bit of tinkering

  • Posted by LadyX June 07, 2011
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Looking for something to make your pictures a bit fancier? This app is just the one for you. I love that you can change so many different aspects of your pictures. Want old timey pictures? How about Monochrome or black and white? This app has it all!
I love that you can put different borders around your pictures with this app and I am not talking the cheesy flower borders. Everything from black rounded borders to white polaroid borders.
The camera integration is also pretty awesome because it allows you to change the shooting mods. For someone like me who can’t seem to take a steady shot it has a steady shot mode and also different focus settings. I haven’t had the chance to play with the time lapse setting but I can imagine that there could be some neat sets of pictures with that setting.
More options than you could possibly want
Takes great pictures and you can share the modified pictures directly from the app
Fairly easy to use the basic settings but takes a bit of poking around to figure out the more advanced options.
No preview while changing options you have to apply them and then look at the picture. This can lead to more time fiddling with a picture to get it how you want it.

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