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Silent chimp text monkey app from mis-limited

  • Posted by viperstrike81 February 28, 2011
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This App is brilliant and simple, looks great functions well and is now loaded with some more features.

The silent chimp text monkey app from mis-limited, is a text delay app for scheduling your texts for delivery at a later date and time of your choice. it works really well and is a real simple easy to use layout.

I love the fact that the app does not hold the phone awake in anyway like many other apps contributing to draining of the battery, which is obviously a potential problem these days for a lot of smart phones.
I will never forget to text someone again when I am supposed to, I can just cue it up now and it will go when I intend it to.

I will never forget a birthday again, my messages for this are all set up and ready for delivery, and it is so much easier to see what you have said, the fact that it dumps your messages sent into the relevant contacts message string in the standard message app so you don't have to sort through messages in a different app, like some of the more complex free apps that don't seem to have had as much thought put into them.

The new editions to the app added recently allow the phone to be used as a text forwarding app as well as an auto responder, so these along side the original text delay app is effectively three apps in one, again which I love and would think many others would love due to not having to purchase or download multiple apps, this makes the app more usable and functional on an everyday basis, the auto responder is great for when I am driving or in a meeting.

Only current downsides at the moment I don't like the date time picker, grey box with unsightly buttons, but this is a stock way to do this, there is currently no other way without developing your own sweet way of selecting this like HTC's own roller wheels, But this is HTC's own and don't offer it out to developers, also currently I have word that it isn't compatible with older versions of androids OS like 1.6.

but before writing this I had contact with the developer himself to give him my views on his app, and I said overall I think its a great idea and it works very well indeed, he has clearly spent time testing and developing this and understands exactly what needs to be done, and when mentioning about the issues I noticed, ie - date time picker and version 1.6 he told me this is already in hand and look forward to seeing an update for it soon enough.

I give Silent chimp text monkey app from mis-limited a 5 out of 5 full stars as I am quite impressed by it and with its functionality and 3 apps in one now its well worth the money, and I would recommend this app to everyone, I'm pretty sure the majority of people with an android smartphone would benefit from this.

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pretty cool

i dont really know the use of this, but its ok if you find a reason why to send a text later, rather than now

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