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Developer's Notes

Delayed SMS text message, auto reply and text forward. Let Text Monkey do it.

Silent Chimp brings you the Text Monkey, the friendly little SMS delayed text message sender, text divert SMS message forwarder and text responder SMS message reply tool. Want to send an SMS delayed text message in an hour?, tomorrow at 12.00 or even in a weeks or months time?, Text Monkey will take your SMS text message and store it for sending at the time for the delay you set. Want to set an auto reply message to let people know your driving, in a meeting or leaving a phone at home, use the SMS reply tool. Want to forward texts to another number, have your texts forwarded on to another phone.

Whether it's that SMS text message to your niece tomorrow to wish her happy birthday, or that SMS text message to your wife to say happy valentines, maybe you need to let the boss know you will be in late the next day. You could even text 6 people the same message all at the same time by creating a multi contact message, so why not let the monkey do it for you.

Text Monkey will let you create a SMS text message, put a delay on it using our custom spinning wheels to set time and date, choose as many people as you want to send it to, and store it ready for sending. You can review stored messages, delete messages stored, edit messages, input a number not in your phone book, add or remove contacts for each message and even use your contacts manager to pick out your contact from a search. If you want your text to repeat, simply add your level of repeat from day through to year.

Once your SMS text messages are stored, Text Monkey will send them at the desired time and date sending them after the correct amount of delay accurate to the minute (when in signal), should your phone be in airplane mode or out of signal at the time it should be sent, Text Monkey will keep checking until signal is back up before attempting to send asap. Once signal is back up, the message will be sent immediately.

Features include...

1) MultiText supported up to 459 characters

2) Contact picker

3) Message counter to gauge cost per message (green amber red)

4) Message sent notification using androids standard notification bar

5) Integrated message control (dumps sent messages from Text Monkey into standard message outbox) This means if you use Text Monkey to send a message, it will look like your standard message tool had sent it and can be managed from there.

6) Ability to set delay from 1 minute to any date and time in the future.

7) No running services, so no excessive power consumption.

8) No holding the phone awake, text monkey will allow your phone to sleep as it normally does when not in use, saving battery power (some apps can hold your phone awake increasing CPU cycles and increasing power consumption).

9) Turn your phone off and on and Monkey remembers your messages to send, Monkey never forgets.

10) Pin point accuracy to time and date set if in signal regardless of whether phone is sleeping or not. If not in signal, text monkey will keep checking until it is then send, if more than one text at one time is set, texts are auto separated by a small delay to stop network choke.

11) Message manager to edit and delete stored SMS text messages.

12) Multi Contact support

13) Multi number support for contacts with more than one number

14) Repeat function

15) Message reply tool, to send an auto reply to an incoming message. (phone must be switched on)

16) Message forward, to forward your messages on to another phone. (phone must be switched on)

17) Set date time with custom spinning whirly wheels

3 apps in one, message delay, message reply, message forward

Tested on HTC desire, desire HD, wildfire, hero , moto droid, samsung galaxy s, X10, emulators....

Please note : Text Monkey can only send a text if you have signal, please understand he will try and send text messages on time but if you are out of signal or in a very low signal area there may be some delay. As soon as signal is back up, Text Monkey will send your text.

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