Developer's Notes for: Sound ID EarPrint

Developer's Notes

ONLY for Sound ID Bluetooth Headsets
EarPrint App is a companion software for Sound ID Bluetooth Headsets (Models: SIX, 510, 512).
The EarPrint app, with the swirl of a finger, has the ability to personalize the audio characteristics of the Sound ID headsets in all 3 audio modes ...headset, music/media and Pass Thru. The PersonalSound feature is designed because "everyone hears differently" and has their own unique EarPrint. The goal of Personal Sound is to maximize speech understanding and clarity while keeping the listener in a comfortable listening range.
The tools include a selectable In-Call LED Status indicator, "Find My Headset" feature to locate your lost headset, SMS will play the incoming Text Messages in your headset automatically, and Pass Thru Mode which amplifies when you're not on a call so you hear equally with both ears.
The Battery Status will tell you the remaining battery level and a Sound Level Meter feature displays the sound level at your ear.
This version of the EarPrint also supports VoiceMenu customization.
And this is only the beginning.....

Supports Android 2.1 or higher.

Headset Firmware 5.3.6 or higher required. This could be checked on the EarPrint Battery page. For upgrade instructions see the “Support” section in:

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