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Bubble Blast 2

4.5 of 5 bars
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Really catchy game - difficult but achievable

  • Posted by dbaker July 17, 2012
  • Recommended for Gamers

Really enjoying playing this game still. Had it on my phone for months and play it daily on the way to work.

Simple interface and concept, blow up bubbles to create a chain reaction to blow up even more. Buggy at the start (hence 4/5 review) so often means you need to load app 3 times to get into the puzzle mode.

But gameplay is great when you get into it, and has kept my interest for months.

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Totally good brain food

  • Posted by Musings March 23, 2011
  • Recommended for Gamers, Parents or Students

It's a pretty intense game in the first few packs and then as it got more and more harder, you notice that the patterns are actually similiar to past packs. Then you stumble on level 7-18 and you go 'WOAH'....because it's getting harder and harder, and you only have 24 hours before you can hit the hint button.'s a great game for anyone. It takes skill and determination. I love it and each time someone beats the highest pack, someone is making a new pack behind the scenes. I've noticed that there's always answers for some of the hardest pack levels so you're not alone if you're stuck and you already used your 24 hours hint.

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