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double the fun!

  • Posted by DragonFear April 30, 2013
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Book Readers, Parents, Students, Animal Lovers, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Social Butterflies, Budget Hawks or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

another game similar to 2 player reactor, but this version is a lot more flexible and it have a whole lot more playing modes!

for those who are new to 2 or 4 payer reactor, in short it is a game that puts your reaction skills to the test through a series of challenges. just by pressing a big button, you may find yourself to be staring hard at the screen, and waiting to strike for the moment for hours!

in this version of the reactor, you can choose the number of players,up to 4 players, and yes that includes 1 player mode! in this solo mode you pit yourself to aim for the best shortest time! in the display , they will show things details like your fastest reactio time, your average, number of correct and wrong attempts, etc. for every rong attempts they will automatically add 1000ms to your score( the times are measured in ms btw)of course that's a bad things cause we are playing for timings!

secondly, they intro a new concept that will help give an advantage to the wekaer palyers in the game, and i think they pulled it off quite well. in the 2 player mode, if the points difference between the 2 players is too large, the button of the stronger player will start to shrink! after shrinking it will even move from side to side, making it difficult to make the attempt at that precise moment. good idea! kudos!

in conclusion, more players mean more fun! so hurry and get this game! a great get together game.

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