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If you want full control over your apps, you need Autostarts

  • Posted by scorpiodroid November 02, 2011
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Unlike a zillion different process killers, autostarts does NOT manage apps after they start. It simply does not allow them to start if you do not want or need them. For example, maps, gallery and many other Google apps set to start up and run under many conditions, for example, when you start (or stop) charging your phone, or when connectivity changes, etc. In other words under conditions that do not mean that you want these apps. Autostarts gives you control of what apps start when. Problem solved. You got to have rooted phone though. Check out the author's web site, he has other interesting apps:

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stop apps that are wack

  • Posted by etherealglimpse November 06, 2010
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This app is great. It works. I haven't had any force closes. It scans for apps that turn on automatically at various stages in the phones operation. You can choose to automatically stop the app or start the app or get rid of the app. I use it to stop a few apps at startup because they drain lots of battery but they happen to be system apps that can't be uninstalled.

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