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Advisor Review

Listen to your text messages in the car with Android app — More than once, I've been driving and wanted to check out a text I'd just received, but unfortunately it's illegal and unsafe, so I've had to wait until I could pull over. Sometimes you just can't wait. For road warriors, is a great application that can help you "read" your texts or...

Developer Notes

Listen to SMS, listen to email, listen to TXT messages. DriveSafely® reads text messages, SMS and emails aloud and lets you respond by voice (with Pro). iSpeech Text to Speech (TTS) will speak your SMS while driving. Hands-free. Hear SMS, Hear TXTs, Hear Emails, Hear text messages read aloud....


Drive safely, use — It happened already more than once to me that I was driving and I wanted to see what the text was about I just received but (un)fortunately it is illegal to operate a mobile device while driving so I had to wait until I could pull over at a gas station. Sometimes you just can’t wait until you...