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Keeper® Password Manager


by Keeper Security, Inc.
Download this app if: you need to keep your data secure.


Advisor Review

Keeper Password & Data Vault Android app lives up to its name — I have more passwords than hairs on my head — and I'm not balding, yet. Just as on a PC, we need quite a few passwords while using our phones. Keeper Password & Data Vault for Android does a good job of keeping them all in one place, but logging-in to web sites with these credentials through...

Developer Notes

Have you forgotten a password? Do you use the same password for every site? Do you write down passwords on paper? If so, you need Keeper.
Password Manager & Password Generator
Keeper protects you against hackers by providing you a secure and convenient password manager. Your passwords, logins,...


Dig It — So I haven't logged all my passwords into it yet but I'm looking forward to using this tool. It has a time-out option based on your personal preference. Nice to have PW's all in one repository.