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Watching your KB, MB and GB

  • Posted by balzzzy September 06, 2010
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Data plans seem to be the big thing that cellphone carriers push these days. With your different amounts of download storage and different programs that use more data than the rest. Then there's the times when you you use your Wifi at home and aren't using data from your package.

So how do you monitor all of your KB, MB and GB usage? The answer, 3G Watchdog. This application is very handy. You can enter what date of the month your data plan resets, how much storage per month you are allotted, how often to refresh your data usage on screen. But the best feature is that it comes with a handy little widget for your to view your usage without opening the application.

This thing taught me that one 9 minute YouTube HD video uses 50 MB of data. That's 5% of a 1GB data plan. Good to know.

I highly recommend this application to everyone that has a data plan that uses the internet more often than the casual user.

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