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Bringing war to your phone

  • Posted by balzzzy September 06, 2010
  • Recommended for Gamers or Students

Armored Strike is like a good classic game of tanks, but with so much more to offer.

In this game you pit yourself against CPU's or other players online in the vehicle of your choice. A total of 7 vehicles are available ranging from various types of tanks to mech warrior type vehicles. You earn more vehicles as you play through the game, gain experience and further your rank. Each type of vehicle has different statistics for armor, movement, ballistic range, firing angle and damage bonuses.

A player can pick their trajectory, strength of their shot, take the wind into consideration as well as the weapon selected and fire at their opponents. A total of 31 weapons are available for purchase in the game as well as 9 terrain types and 75 achievements. The more damage you do, the more money you gain to purchase more weapons for further rounds.

The best feature of the game is the online multiplayer. Players can duke it out in their own game or join another game. This classic tank game has a modern touch with extreme firepower. Worth the money and your time.

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