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Monster Bubbles Curse

  • Posted by santins77 October 11, 2013
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This game is a new approach to bubble shooters. It adds a 3D environment and totally intuitive way of aiming and shooting. You swipe the finger over a magical scepter what changes it orientation of the shots.

The game have nice graphics, cool effects, sounds and music.
It reminds Pang as the bubbles split in two when you destroy them but it adds a lot of extra features. There differents kinds of monster bubbles with different resistance. The good news is that you can improve your weapons to destroy the most resistance bubbles. The weapons you have are:
-Magic Arrow
-Frost Wind
-Fire Ball

All of then can be upgraded. The possibles upgrades are:

-Power: Increases the damage of the weapon
-Speed: Increases the speed of the bullet
-Cadence: Increases the frecuency of the shots

In my opinion the most important upgrades are Power and Cadence.

You have also the posibility to use instant spells what is a big help to finish advanced levels. The instant spells you can get are:
-Energy: this increases your live during a game
-Slowness: makes the bubbles move much more slowly
-Stop time: this stops completly your enemies
-Bomb: Breaks once all the bubbles on the screen.

To upgrade weapons and get instant spells you use credits. These credits are earned in each game you play.
If you want to advance quicker you can also buy credits and credits multiplier in the shop of the app. Anyway, you can advance fast just playing and the shop will be only required by the most impatient gamers.

In conclusion, this game is a fresh new approach to Pang and Bubble Shooters. It is easy to play and really addictive. I totally recommend it!!

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