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One More Drop

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Simple concept, fast levels.

  • Posted by fivephones June 14, 2013
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One More Drop is an ostensibly easy brain & puzzle game. But do not be fooled! But it only looks like.

You are required to grow a friend for the character of Peekaboo, a tiny sprite living in the grass and feeding on pure water. You have to guide a water droplet through a host of obstacles to the right place. Once the water drops close enough to the target, a new friend will grow. The game is based on the laws of physics: the water droplet evaporates in contact with a hot obstacle, and steam rises up. It changes state again once it runs into a cold barrier, drops down or freezes, and so on.

It's simple concept, nice and clean. When you figure it out the level, it's pretty fast to play than.

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