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Disturb me as much as you can ;)

  • Posted by ksarmalkar March 17, 2013
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“Silencio” screamed Imelda, Puss in Boots’ adoptive mother, and all the kids froze in silence. “Silencio” screamed my Spanish teacher not so long ago (actually longer than I’d like to admit) when a cell phone rang during the class, a time when it wasn’t that common for this to happen.

Now I have yet to see a movie in a cinema where someone’s phone doesn’t ring or does a noise of some sort. It drives me crazy and I’ve seen this happen in other places too. If only there was an app that could help those poor souls to silence their phones in important meetings, locations, … and THERE is! “Silencify” is an app that does exactly just that and much more. Aside being a constant guardian of how your phone should behave in certain locations or situations (i.e. meetings), Silencify is for your phone what the “Do Not Disturb” status is for Yahoo Messenger. Basically it will completely silence your phone on a schedule (i.e. when you sleep), allowing only important phone calls to come through (using a whitelist).

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