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Developer's Notes

***** Send "Automatic SMS" feature has been removed from Silencify in order to enable tablets to use Silencify, SilencifySMS will be released soon to accommodate the Send "Automatic SMS" functionality*****
Silence your phone as you like.

Finally an android mobile app that makes your smart phone smarter. Much better and smarter way of "Do not Disturb" on iOS. Silencify lets you create smart rules that silences your phone.

- No more disturbance while you sleep (Be it night or day ). Set schedules to do it automatically.
- No more hastily reaching for ringing phone in pocket/purse during meetings/events. Add keywords integrated with device calendar
- No embarrassing rings when you are at movie/doctors office.
- Whitelist/Blacklist numbers

Following are the features Silencify has and all for cost of $0.00 ( *FREE* ).

1. Silence / Quiet / Vibrate phone according to set schedule.
2. Silence phone for a particular meeting Integrated with device calendar.
3. Quick Widget to Un-Silence the phone when phone is manually set to silence.
4. "Always Accept" (Whitelist) list of contacts/phone numbers to ring the phone even when its in silence.
5. "Always Reject" (Blacklist) list of contacts/phone numbers to always silence the phone from those numbers.
6. SMS Missed calls during scheduled silence
7. Airplane Mode - Saves a lot of battery when in scheduled silence.
8. Turn off Sync when scheduled silence is on - Improves Battery Life.
9. Turn off Bluetooth when scheduled silence is on - Improves Battery Life.
10. Turn off Wi-Fi when scheduled silence is on.
11. Switch in preferences for "Master Silence".
12. Switch in preferences to immediately silence device.
13. Emergency call ringing feature.
14. Backup of application data.

There are may apps out there that have a subset of features Silencify offers, and that too as paid version. Silencify gets you everything for FREE.

For more details/updates visit:

Please update app before and mail me before posting reviews, this helps both of us. I don't own every Android device out there, so there's no way I can possibly test all features myself. Help/Feedback from you is way to improve this great free app.

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