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EarSmart (Auto Earphone)

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Set the apps you want to run when...

  • Posted by sungsooii November 20, 2012
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EarSmart is a useful application that consists of selecting your preferred apps so when you plug your earphones or bluetooth in, they will automatically open.

When you first install it, you will be presented a main screen with all the applications and you just need to select the ones you want to be opened or even the volume setting. Besides that, there are some apps that are enabled AutoPlay and you can also select them to begin automatically when you connect the earphones.

Coolpisoo is the developer of EarSmart and the Pro version, which includes no delay when activating the apps. What we appreciate most about this tool is its ease of use, you don't need to read long instructions and get familiar with it, it's perfectly usable from the very first moment and it also works perfectly well.

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