Developer's Notes for: Bomb Man

Developer's Notes

The long-awaited game, Bomb Man, has finally arrived on Android! MORE THAN 5 MILLION PEOPLE downloaded worldwide!
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Support Bomb Man and put your enemies in sorrow!

In this Bomb Man game, enemy soldiers, tanks, and atomic bombs would destroy the wall in front of Bomb Man, so your goal is to protect the wall while eliminating destroyers by throwing the bombs.

There are various types of enemies, ranging from swordsmen to paratroopers, each with a special ability to break your wall, so you’ll need to think fast, choose a suitable bomb and throw it accurately at them. You’ll gain points while battling with the enemies, so you could use the points to further boost your weapons or to strengthen your wall.

The power and the drop point of the bombs are represented by the arrow sign, which is controlled through touching the screen. Simply said, a bombing game with real physics.

Game Features:
- Game in Chinese and English language
- Simple, but addictive game
- Earn points to strengthen your weapons, including atomic and pipe bombs
- Different types of enemies – tanks, soldiers, swordsmen, paratroopers and missiles

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