Posted October 27, 2008 12:53pm


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  • EASE OF USE: 2
SUMMARY: The first Twitter client for the Android platform

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Twitroid is the first Twitter application for the Android platform. According to the developers, this app is still not completely finished or stable as of the time of this review. It is available for public download however, and the developers are hoping that users of the app will be patient and help them trouble shoot some of the issues the app is having.

When you first load up the app you'll have to register with your Twitter account. Once you do that, you can set how often you want the app to pull new messages. The most often you can have it pull new messages is every 3 minutes. This is pretty handy considering it runs in the background on your phone. Logging in can take awhile on your first attempt as it does need to load up all of your friends and gather their previous tweets. If the app tells you it may have crashed, opt to wait for it and chances are you'll be all set.

Once you get everything configured properly, you'll be able to start tweeting. At the top of the screen you can enter in a tweet and send it. Next to that you'll see the option for including a picture. You can either take a live picture or include one you already have. At this point unfortunately, that feature doesn't work too well. Down bottom you can send a direct message, refresh your tweets, search through all of Twitter, and change your settings.

For an app that has problems, it's got enough features to balance them out. As the developers continue to work on this app we'll definitely see the needed fixes to make this a crash-free Twitter client. Considering that the alternative right now is using the web version, this is definitely a step in the right direction. If you don't mind it crashing a little bit, download Twitroid today.

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