Posted December 5, 2008 10:15am


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SUMMARY: Easily listen to your Shoutcast and Icecasts on your Android phone.

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If you have an Android phone and are looking for a way to easily listen to your Shoutcast and Icecast streams, StreamFurious is the perfect app to check out. This app makes the entire process of finding new streams and listening to them a walk in the park.

The app loads up a list of preselected Shoutcast stations. Tapping on any of the prelisted streams will load it up and start playing it once it has buffered. The app will continue to play in the background unless you press pause so keep that in mind. If you want to delete a stream from your list, just tap and hold it down. This will bring up a menu that includes the delete option as well as the ability to submit it to the shoutcast directory.

What’s really great about this app is its integration with your browser. If you want to find a specific Shoutcast or Icecast, just search for it and when you find it the app will load up once you click on the link. This is a really neat way to incorporate the entire phone into this app so you’re not restricted to using the app for searching. Basically, any Shoutcast or Icecast that you want to listen to will run through this app.

StreamFurious appeals to those of you who listen to Shoutcasts and Icecasts. These specific podcasts are very popular so you won’t have trouble finding the ones you’re looking for. The app works great and offers quite a bit of functionality, so definitely check it out if you’re into this sort of thing.

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