Speed Forge

Posted February 25, 2010 9:29pm


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  • PRICE: $2.70
  • SOUND: 2
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 2
SUMMARY: A 3D hovercraft racer

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Speed Forge 3D is a hovercraft racer for Android phones. The concept has been around since the early gaming days. The game is controlled by tilting but offers different control schemes to choose how you accelerate or turn. As players race on the level, they will unlock various weapons on the course to use like the rocket or mine.

The game doesn't really include many options as far as gameplay goes though. It allows users to pick from a few vehicles and choose from a couple levels, but there isn't much more to the game. It more felt like a demo of an app that would be released later. The game was created for the G1 and because of this, anyone with a newer Android phone will feel slightly cheated. The graphics are decent but the app stretches them to fit some screens which makes it look very blurred on phones like my Nexus One.

Anyone looking a for a premiere racing app on your Android phone may want to consider looking elsewhere. The app doesn't really offer any sense of racing and seemed to be missing sounds and an overall feeling of polish. I recommend passing on this app.


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