Sky Siege

Posted July 26, 2010 5:33pm


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  • PRICE: Free
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SUMMARY: Take on attacking aircraft in the game or in your bedroom

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We’ve all dreamed of our phones becoming more than just a phone and smart phones have brought us close to realizing our wildest dreams. With each new phone being release, more technology is being jammed into them providing brand new ways to interact with the world around us or the world within the phone.

Sky Siege is a simple game for Android phones that brings an awesome perspective to what gaming on mobile phones is now capable of. The game puts you into a turret in a war and has you shooting down planes and helicopters that are attacking. But instead of using joysticks, the game actually has you turn around to look around, look up to look up, and so on. Using your phone’s accelerometer and compass, you can jump right into the battle.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect as most Android phones don’t have a gyroscope in them to help it decide which way it’s facing at any given moment. But a different feature calmed me down. The app can stream your camera live and stick the enemies in your world. So you can have a war right in your own living room. The app was pretty cheap, so check it out.

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