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Posted November 19, 2008 9:27am


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  • PRICE: Free
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SUMMARY: An app that let's you get the most out of your battery

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Power Manager is an app for the Android platform that allows you to configure your device to modify its settings based on its power level. This is a really handy app that will help you get the most out of your phone, regardless of how you use it.

When you load up Power Manager you’ll be presented with a control panel and then five options below it. The control panel lists the battery level and voltage plus gives you the ability to toggle your GPS, WiFi, Network, and Bluetooth on or off. The button that says Monitor Active is the crown jewel of this app as it allows you to let the app manage your settings for you.

If you’d like to manage your settings manually, underneath the control panel are four settings and a reset button. These settings allow you to toggle between battery life or performance, turn low battery settings on, turn max performance setting on, and turn computer powered performance on. Each of those will toggle on or off the options in the control panel for that specific setting.

Power Manager is one of the best apps available for the Android platform. Having this app on your phone makes it that much easier to keep it going for longer periods of time. The only thing is that when you want to charge your phone, you should probably turn the monitor off as it will turn on settings for you based on the second and third profiles.



You may want to consider PowerGuard. It is a simple Android tool to effectively manage WiFi and/or 3G connections. It has a unique feature of enabling or disabling WiFi/3G based on application you open. It has an option to ask user (subtly via notification bar) whether you need internet when you open an app. Offers a lot of options, lightweight and it's free!

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