Path of a Warrior

Posted December 10, 2008 5:08pm


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  • PRICE: Free
  • SOUND: 3
  • CONTROL: 3
  • FUN: 3
SUMMARY: A demo version of the hack and slash game from Gamevil

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Path of a Warrior is a hack and slash game for the Android platform. This game is unfortunately not free and only comes in demo mode directly from the Android market, but for some of you it might be worth downloading directly from the developers site for a fee.

The idea behind the game is pretty basic. You’ll be selecting from quests to complete in order to gain reputation and further the game. Each quest will set you out against a bunch of soldiers and occasionally a named character to fight. You’ll control your character with the track ball. Sliding it rapidly in the same direction twice will do a dash and pressing it down will swing your sword. There are also power up attacks on the screen that you can tap for added effect.

Not only does this game get repetitive fast, it also is very confusing. Some parts of the game will call on you to tap the screen to move on, others will need you to press down the trackball. This is really frustrating at times, considering they could have just had the trackball be the same as pressing ok. Even with the ability to upgrade your stats, weapons, and abilities, this game is still nothing to get excited about.

It’s frustrating to see a game expire and require you to purchase the full game when it can’t be done directly from the Android Market. If the developers wanted to have this be a paid game, they should have simply waited until the market allowed for that. This game will keep you entertained for a little bit with the hack and slash style it offers, but you’ll definitely be bored with it quickly.

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