Park Mark

Posted October 31, 2008 7:24am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 4
SUMMARY: Set a marker for your car or other object and track it with the Radar app

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Park Mark is a location finding app for the Android platform that is specifically meant to help you find where you parked. For this app to work, you do need the Radar app installed and have your GPS turned on. Once you have that set up, all you need to do is remember to use the app after you park.

Right before you leave your car, start up this app. All you need to do is let it locate you, but if you’d like to add more detail in, you can. After it has located you, press Set Details to enter the level and color of where you parked your car. You’ve now just set a marker that will make finding your car easier.

When it’s time to head back, open the app and press Locate Vehicle. This will pull up the Radar app and will alert you as you get closer to your vehicle. Make sure to read any additional details you set for yourself before you enter the Radar app, as they won’t be available for you to read once you’re in there.

Park Mark is a really handy app that’s going to be even handier come holiday season. This app can really be used for locating any stationary object if you have trouble finding it on your own. Unfortunately in this example, the radar didn’t seem to even give the right general area until the device was within about three car lengths away from the original marker. This could cause some serious trouble and result in people finding themselves more lost than they would have if they just wrote everything down.

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