Posted January 22, 2009 2:23pm


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  • PRICE: Free
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  • FUN: 4
SUMMARY: An NES emulator for the Android platform

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NESEMU is a NES emulator for the Android platform. This app is still in beta mode and doesn’t always work, but it’s still definitely worth checking out.

The app comes loaded with Super Mario, Contra, Circus Charlie, Bomber Man, Pac Man, Muscle, B-Wings, Battle City, Ice Climber, Antartic Adventure, Golf, Lode Runner, Binary Land, and Donkey Kong. These are all the full versions of this game and make us question exactly how long this app will be available in its current form. You can load up any of these games by pressing the menu button then games to select which one to play.

The controls require you to use the keyboard and are explained in the help section of the app. Unfortunately these controls don’t always work. Sometimes when you’re playing they’ll just randomly stop working and the only way to fix that is to exit and restart the app completely. This app is missing a lot of major features, including sound and the ability to save and load games, so you’ll have to just use this as a proof of concept app and play around with it when it works.

Bringing emulation over to the Android platform makes a lot of sense. This will definitely catch on once it is working better and will be much less sketchy when you can load your own ROMs. Hopefully that’s something that the developer will have out soon, but for now, feel free to mess around with low frame rate classic Nintendo games.

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