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Posted January 9, 2009 5:00am


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SUMMARY: A showtime and movie theater locator for the Android platform

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If you’re looking for an app to help you find showtimes and movie theaters on your Android phone, Movie Finder is it. This app may seem simple at first, but it actually provides quite a bit of information for you to dig through.

When you first load up the app it will ask to locate you or for you to enter in the zip of where you want to search. To change your location after the first time, you’ll have to go through settings to adjust it. After that it will load up the movies tab, listing all the movies currently out and available for you in your area. You can sort through these movies by title, release, and rating. The theaters tab allows you to sort through the theaters closest to you or by name.

Pressing on any of the movies will pull up plenty of additional information. This includes a short description that can be expanded in a popup window, a link to the trailer, a link to the IMDb page, and a listing of what theaters around your location are playing this movie. Tapping on any of the theater locations will bring up that specific theaters page, showing you how to get there as well.

This is a really useful movie app for the Android platform. It gives you plenty of information that you can easily navigate through when looking for a movie or a theater. The only real improvement would be a more prominent area to enter in the location you want to see a movie around. Having it in the settings area isn’t great when you’re not seeing a movie in the same area every time.

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