Posted December 29, 2008 9:54am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 3
SUMMARY: Location based social networking in your local area

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MeetMe is another social networking app exclusive to the Android platform that offers a way for you to meet new people in your area and see what they’re doing. The interface for this app offers up a Twitter meets dating site style interface that may appeal to some people.

The app feels very simple and doesn’t offer a ton to do. The main page will bring you to a list of all the users in your area listed by closest to your location. You can keep viewing more and more pages to see who else is around, but don’t expect a lot of the people to list their pictures. Each person you see on that list has the potential to display a picture, username, age, gender, what they’re doing right now, and an about section. This is the same information that you’ll have available to edit in the About Me area.

Tapping on the picture of any of these people will bring up this information in a much larger view. Here you can send a private message to the person and wait for them to respond back to you. All your messages will show up in your message folder. That is, if the person actually responds back to you. The app does claim to keep you logged in for up to 24 hours after you close down the app just to show people who is around, so there’s a chance you’re messaging someone who deleted the app.

This app could use some more features. If it was a little bit more robust and worked with other social networks, it might be worth it for people to give it a try. Right now, there aren’t a lot of people actually on it in the area we tested, so it may depend on where you are as to whether you enjoy this app or not.

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