JOYity YouCatch DEMO

Posted October 27, 2008 6:32am


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SUMMARY: Bryan from AppVee and Rana from Medialets go head to head in JOYity YouCatch

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We had a chance to test out JOYity's YouCatch with Rana from Medialets over the weekend. The premise of the game is the same as Manhunt or Assasin. Ideally, you'll want to play this game with four or more people, but for this demo our goal was to test out how well the GPS worked in a public place and how well the app kept track of information.

Each player will be assigned another player as their prey. That means that you'll have someone you're trying to catch and someone you're trying to avoid. When you start up the match, you'll see your icon and the icon of your prey. Their icon will only update every so often unless they press the fire button indicating they're close to their prey. Whenever anyone presses the fire button, all players are alerted of their presence. Basically, if you see someone pop up on the screen near you, run. They could possibly be your hunter.

The GPS tracks how close you are to your prey. When you're within 25m, pressing the fire button (trackball) will give you the kill and reveals your location to all other players. If you press it outside of 25m, it will tell you that you've missed and reveals your location as well. The game responded very well in this demo. Rana was able to sneak up on me and get the kill in without running into any issues. We had full 3G coverage with no issues at all. It was raining and a bit cloudy, but the GPS still worked great. This game would be great to play with a larger crowd with little to no issues.

With a larger group, everyone is required to stay in the playing field and consider all the players will be holding their phone, it's going to be fairly obvious as to who's playing. This is definitely the best game out for the Android platform so far.


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