Posted October 23, 2008 11:46am


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SUMMARY: Play and create your own MMTRG

Check out, because your kids deserve the very best educational apps!

JOYity is an app that allows you to not only play a game, but also design your own game. This app is probably the most unique launch title for the Android platform, given the fact that it uses almost every feature the device is capable of in a very interesting way. Designing your own game is about as easy as playing an existing game, which is pretty impressive.

In this review we've decided to show you one of the simulations that JOYity offers. The game is called Roads of San Francisco and once you start it up, you're dropped off at the map screen. The developer of this game has written a story behind it for us to follow that really make things interesting.

If this were taking place on location, the phone would monitor our location through it's GPS. Every so often, depending on how long the game has been running, our location, or other factors, the developer has set triggers such as text and picture messages that will give us clues as to where we need to go next. In this demonstration, we can simple move our marker around with the trackball.

JOYity is a completely new experience that has a lot of potential. This is essentially a create your own Massive Multiplayer Trans-Reality Game. Not only that, but once the game has been created, anyone can run their own version of it by themselves or with others and have a chance to enjoy a very interactive game. JOYity is without a doubt, a must have app for the Android platform.


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