Posted May 4, 2010 12:41pm


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SUMMARY: Enjoy the Home Shopping Network from your phone

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The Home Shopping Network has been the source for both internet puns and shopping needs alike. The service dedicated to all things shopping is basically a channel that you decide to watch that throws items in your face all day and tries to sell them to you. For the casual browser this is ridiculous, but for the avid shopaholic this concept is amazing.

Well now there's a way to view all the items for sale without the need to be by cable television. The channel has released an Android app that offers all the same sales and deals found on their show but on you mobile device wherever you are. You can browse through the seemingly endless collection of products and save those you are interested in. You can view the last few products that have aired on the show or just browse through the large collection of items for sale. You can also watch videos aired on the show for different products and tips.

Overall, this app is pointless for the casual user. But for those who enjoy the Home Shopping Network, this app is priceless. But I really wonder how many of them are out there with a phone that could use this app.


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