Hello AIM!

Posted December 17, 2008 8:19am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 5
SUMMARY: A solid AIM/AOL client for the Android platform

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Hello AIM! Is the best AOL Instant Messenger client for the Android platform. This app offers you everything you could possibly want out of an instant messaging client except for the ability to send and receive files.

When you load up the app you’ll have to configure it for the screen name that you want to use. Once you’ve done that everything is easy as pie. Your entire buddy list should pop up with all of the groups closed. You can open any of them up by pressing on them to see all your friends who are online followed by those with away messages in that group. If you use aliases on your main AIM client, they transfer over to this app as well.

You’re able to set your status to online, away, or invisible and even set custom messages for online and away. These messages will be saved so you can use them again if you’d like. You can create a new group through the menu screen or add a person to a group by long pressing on the screen or the trackball. This makes it easy to add new people to your buddy list on the go. You can also set an alias or block IMs from specific people just by long clicking on their name.

With all the different option in the settings menu allowing you to customize who you see and how you’re notified of any status changes and messages, this app is a must have for those of you who instant message quite a bit. If this app handled multiple clients it would be the ultimate Android instant messaging app. For now, it will just have to settle with being the best AIM Android app.

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