Dojo Cubed

Posted December 15, 2008 6:38am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • SOUND: 3
  • CONTROL: 1
  • FUN: 3
SUMMARY: A multiplayer gaming platform for Android that needs some work

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Dojo Cubed is a gaming interface for the Android platform that needs quite a bit of work. At this point, the app does little more than provide you with one game, a wonky interface, and online play, but it does have the potential for great things down the line.

The interface for Dojo Cubed is unfortunately very awkward to navigate on the G1. Sometimes you’ll need to press a button on the screen to initiate an action. Other times you’ll have to press down on the trackball. This can get rather annoying and considering that moving your cursor around is rather slow at times, it may be enough to keep you from using this app at all. When you first load up the app you’ll have to create a username and profile. Once you do that all your information will be saved so you can rank against other players.

At this point there’s only one game available in Dojo Cubed and that’s Cubed Addict. Cubed Addict is a puzzle game that you’ll be playing live against an opponent. What you need to do is switch blocks to create three or more of the same color in a row. There’s power-ups to help you get the upper hand against your opponent but chances are they’ll actually quit before you manage to beat them. This is pretty frustrating considering you can’t even pick who you want to play or avoid. With so few people using this app right now, you’ll run into the same people over and over again.

The concept is great but the execution is pretty poor. If there were more games and the interface felt like it was actually designed for this device and not slapped together then this would be a must have app. Hopefully down the line we’ll see something like that come along, but that may be a long way off.

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